3 Ways to Tell if You Have TMJ

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If you have ever had jaw pain or had trouble chewing, then you may have experienced TMJ disorder. The temporomandibular joints are located on both sides of the jaw. A problem in this region can be very painful. However, since TMJ has so many symptoms, knowing what to look for may be difficult. Since many symptoms are linked to other health issues, it may be difficult to tell whether TMJ causes your pain or discomfort. In this article, we will go over three key TMJ symptoms that should not be overlooked and what to do if you are experiencing them.

3 Common TMJ symptoms

The following are common symptoms of TMJ:

1. Severe discomfort

Although discomfort is normal with TMJ, it becomes worrisome when the pain persists or worsens. Any discomfort around the jaw or mouth requires a visit to the dentist for a checkup. They can evaluate the issue and recommend the best course of action. If the case is TMJ, a dentist can help patients get well faster by prescribing the right therapy.

However, if patients have previously completed a TMJ treatment plan and the pain returns or worsens, they must see the dentist immediately. TMJ, if left untreated, may cause other issues, some of which can have long-term consequences for one's health. It is necessary to visit the dental office if the pain is unbearable and inhibiting regular daily activities.

2. Chewing problems

Another symptom that may indicate TMJ is difficulty chewing meals. Allergies, colds, injuries, and sleeping may cause jaw discomfort, although it typically subsides soon. But, if the jaw discomfort lasts for days on end, then it might be TMJ. However, it is hard to tell if it is the condition.

Pay attention to the symptoms and whether there is trouble with chewing food or opening and shutting the mouth. Get medical help if the discomfort worsens or does not go away after a few days. An unpleasant bite is another sign to note.

3. Recurrent headaches

While jaw discomfort and chewing difficulties are common signs of TMJ, headaches may be caused by several issues. TMJ may be to blame if the patient is suffering from chronic headaches. Although this is not always the case, jaw discomfort, neck stiffness, or chewing difficulties are often associated with severe headaches. The temporomandibular joint is linked to several muscles and nerves in the skull. It is quite typical to experience headaches when there are problems with these joints.

These headaches may be severe, making it difficult to go about one's routine. These headaches may grow more severe without prompt treatment, and patients may develop more unpleasant and worrying complications.

Do you suffer from TMJ disorder?

Contact our dental office for treatment to schedule an appointment if you or a loved one suffers from TMJ. After diagnosing the condition, the dentist will develop a treatment plan based on the patient's requirements.

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