4 Problems That Dental Crowns Can Fix

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Dental crowns are arguably the most used restoration in cosmetic dentistry. These restorations can be used to treat virtually any issue that can develop with a tooth, such as tooth decay and damage caused by trauma.

A crown serves as a cover that goes over the front part of a tooth and protects the tooth from bacteria and bite forces. Dental crowns are usually made from materials like gold, stainless steel, silver, porcelain and composite resins. Metallic crowns tend to be the most durable type of crown, while porcelain tends to lead to the best visuals. Hybrid crowns like porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns provide the best of metal and non-metal crowns.

Issues that can be fixed with crowns

Take a look at some common dental issues that can be treated with crowns:

1. Tooth decay

Tooth decay is caused by acids created by oral bacteria. These microorganisms consume food particles that are left on teeth after meals and create acids that eat away at teeth enamel. The deterioration starts with small holes called cavities. When left untreated, these holes will expand until they cause the tooth to break apart or open up the pulp chamber.

If a tooth has been broken down by decay, it might lose its function, and its appearance might also be compromised. A crown can be used to protect such a tooth from further damage, restore its bite and improve its appearance.

A tooth with a compromised pulp chamber is more vulnerable to infection since bacteria can easily get into the soft tissues there. A tooth infection is a dental emergency that requires urgent treatment. It can spread to other areas where it can be life-threatening like the brain. An infected tooth can be treated by performing a root canal, then covering the tooth up with a crown.

2. Chipped, cracked, broken teeth

Dental crowns are best for fixing severely broken, cracked or chipped teeth. Depending on the severity of the damage to the tooth, a root canal might need to be performed before attaching a crown to it. Other restorations like composite bonding can also be used to restore chipped or broken teeth, but they are not sufficient enough for the worst cases.

3. Stained teeth

Stains like those caused by tetracycline antibiotics cannot be removed with whitening treatments, which are the standard way to improve the color of teeth. Such stains are typically covered with restorations like veneers or crowns. Crowns are the preferred option when these stains form on all sides of a tooth.

4. Gaps between teeth

Crowns can also be used to close up abnormal spaces between teeth. The dentist accomplishes this task by placing oversized crowns on the teeth closest to the gap on both sides. The crowns meet how teeth should meet, closing up the space.

Restore your smile with dental crowns

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