A Routine Dental Checkup to Prevent Gum Disease

Gum Disease Palm Desert, CA

Gum disease affects many people from all walks of life. The first sign of this condition is bleeding gums. There is bleeding because your body is sending more blood to your gums to fight the infection. In this case, plaque formation remains even if you floss or brush. Tartar may already be forming in some areas of your teeth as well. If you want to understand how a routine dental appointment can help prevent gum disease, here are the facts.

Preventing gum disease

Patients should always keep dental appointments. During routine dental checkups, the dentist checks the patient’s mouth to see if there are any visible signs of gum disease. Dentists usually check the gum firmness and color for signs of gum disease. The patient has gingivitis if there is gum inflammation. Using a periodontal probe, the dentist can measure the space between teeth and gums. This is a way to see if there are gum pockets.

A routine dental checkup is a good way to remind the patient about the proper way to brush and floss. Even if the patient exercises good oral hygiene habits, plaque will still accumulate. Regular dental visits can remove plaque and prevent tartar formation. If there is tartar, only a dentist can remove the hard tartar from the patient’s teeth. This is an important reason for going to the dentist. Having a routine dental checkup at least once each year can prevent gum disease.

Dealing with advanced gum disease

Routine dental checkups can also detect and treat advanced gum disease. The dentist can also prevent this condition from worsening. SRP (scaling and root planing) is an effective treatment for tartar. It removes dental calculus from the roots and visible surfaces of the teeth. Scraping off the tartar from these parts of the teeth leaves the teeth smooth. The slippery surface prevents bacteria from attaching and accumulating.

Advanced gum disease is called periodontitis. It affects the health of many people. Gum bleeding and inflammation are basic signs of gum disease. If it gets worse, bones and teeth start to erode. At this stage, teeth start to loosen and then fall out. This leaves the oral cavity vulnerable to various infections.

Many variables contribute to advanced gum disease. Some of them are genetics and poor oral hygiene. An effective preventative is to visit the dentist at least two times annually. With regular dental checkups, the patient can get more frequent professional dental cleanings. This will prevent the buildup of plaque. Every deep clean removes plaque, tartar, and more food particles from the patient’s teeth.

You can win the battle against gum disease with the help of routine dental checkups

Proper oral care is vital to your oral and general health. Being in charge of your dental care is an important variable in warding off gum disease. Doing so means practicing daily oral care and going to your routine dental visits. Setting up a more frequent dental checkup schedule can make it easier for you to reach your health goals.

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